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Lecture: Semantics

Winter term 2019/20


October 2
The first lecture will take place on Tuesday, October 29 in IZ 358.


Exercise Sheets

Lecture Notes

There are few slides and hand-written lecture notes: There are preliminarey TeX'ed lecture notes on some categorical aspects: identifying the monad underlying alternating automata, and connections between the simply typed Lambda-calculus and (cartesian) closed categories. In addition, notes on two different approaches to monads have been added. Further literature recommendation: chapter 1 of the book "Homotopy Type Theory" provides a nice introduction into (internal) Martin-Löf type theory, which extends the Lambda-Calculus with dependent types. It points out the crucial differences between set theory and type theory and aims to prepare for the new approach involving homotopy theory (presently beyond our scope). A PDF-version is freely available.


Successfully finishing the module consists of two parts: