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Concurrency Theory 2011/2012

We offer a 4+2 first years Master's course on Concurrency Theory with the following content. It can be chosen as a theory course or specialisation on The lectures will be given in German or, on request, in English.


Lecture Notes

The lecture comes with

lecture notes (17/02/2012, with minpre(-) on page 47)

lecture notes (ebook version, thanks to Matteo Settenvini, 17/02/2012)

The notes are complete up to the
part on unfoldings.

Recall that we excluded SAT for the exam. The following notes are not yet part of the above document.

  1. Started with an overview of the topics presented in this lecture.
  2. Finished the overview of the topics presented in this lecture.


The exercises are out on Tuesdays. Please hand them in the following Mondays before noon so that they can be discussed during the Wednesday tutorials. A mailbox where you can drop your soulutions can be found in building 34, 4th floor, close to room 401 and SoftTech AG. If you have questions or encounter problems with the exercises, please contact us — just pass by our offices or drop us a mail.


Click here for a full description (in German).


The lectures will be based upon the following books and articles. Most of them are available online, the remaining ones can be found in the library.