Institute of

Theoretical Computer Science


Technische Universität Braunschweig

Seminar: Automata Theory and Games

Winter Term 2017/18 in Braunschweig

Tentative Schedule

All talks will take place Mondays at 17:00 in room IZ305.
Date Speaker Topic
December 4 Prakash Saivasan Verification of Asynchronous Programs with Nested Locks
Sebastian Muskalla On the Upward/Downward Closures of Petri Nets
December 18 Peter Chini On the Complexity of Bounded Context Switching
Sebastian Wolff Effect Summaries for Thread-Modular Analysis
January 8 Florian Furbach Portability Analysis for Axiomatic Memory Models
Elisabeth Neumann Liveness Verification and Synthesis: New Algorithms for Recursive Programs
January 15 Frederik Fröling Visibly Pushdown Automata
Janosch Reppnow Summaries for Context-Free Games
January 29 Nora Widdecke Playing Infinite Games in Finite Time
Chico Sundermann Solving Parity Games in Quasi-Polynomial Time


November 27
A tentative schedule for the talks is available now.
September 1
The date of the kickoff meeting has been fixed, see below.
June 2
All information given on this page is still tentative.


During the winter term 2017/18, the Institute of Theoretical Computer Science offers a seminar on Automata Theory and Games, headed by Prof. Dr. Roland Meyer. If you are interested in participating, please apply for the seminar via the Stud.IP system.


You can choose one out of several topics. You will have to Each seminar topic is assigned a member of the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science as advisor. In case you have questions, you can contact him/her. There will be regular meetings with your advisor, in particular before you hand in the paper and before you give the presentation.


Most topics are follow-up topics on the contents of the lectures Algorithmic Automata Theory respectively Games with Perfect Information which we offered in the summer term 2017. Some of the topics require no prior knowledge and are thus suitable for students that have not taken these lectures. The possible topics include, but are not limited to: If you have questions regarding the topics, please contact Sebastian.