Institute of

Theoretical Computer Science


Technische Universität Braunschweig

Seminar: Programs, Logics, and Automata

Summer term 2017


During the summer term 2017, the Institute of Theoretical Computer Science offers a seminar on Programs, Logics, and Automata, headed by Prof. Dr. Roland Meyer. If you intend to participate, please apply for the seminar via the Stud.IP system.


You can choose one out of several topics and you are asked to Each seminar topic is assigned an advisor that you should contact in case you have questions. There is a fixed meeting with your advisor scheduled two weeks before you hand in the seminar paper.


We offer the following topics:
  1. SAT Solvers
  2. Bounded Model Checking
  3. IC3
  4. Theory Solvers
  5. Combination of Theories
  6. Verification Condition Generation
  7. From Symbolic Execution to Concolic Testing
  8. Fixpoints and Data-Flow Analysis
  9. Language theoretic Abstraction Refinement