Institute of

Theoretical Computer Science


Technische Universität Braunschweig

Seminar: Advanced Automata Theory

Winter term 2016/17 in Braunschweig


During the winter term 2016/2017, the Institute of Theoretical Computer Science offers a seminar on Advanced Automata Theory, headed by Prof. Dr. Roland Meyer. If you intend to participate, please apply for the seminar via the Stud.IP system.


You can choose one out of several topics from the field of Automata Theory and you are asked to Each seminar topic is assigned an advisor that you should contact in case you have questions. There is a fixed meeting with your advisor scheduled two weeks before you hand in the seminar paper.


The content of the seminar are automata-theoretic models together with their algorithmic analyses.
  1. Availability languages (Additional information on Parikh's theorem should be provided.)
  2. Well-structured transition systems (Additional information on well-quasi orderings should be provided.)
  3. Safety games (Additional information on lattices and fixed-point theorems should be provided.)
  4. Storage and treewidth (Additional information on tree width should be provided.)
  5. Automatic structures and regular model checking (Survey on regular model checking)
  6. Higher order model checking and intersection types