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Publications 2019

Publications 2019


  1. Complexity of Liveness in Parameterized Systems, by Peter Chini, Roland Meyer, and Prakash Saivasan.

    FSTTCS 2019

Conference contributions

  1. Decoupling Lock-Free Data Structures from Memory Reclamation for Static Analysis, by Roland Meyer and Sebastian Wolff.
    In Proceedings of POPL 2019. Artifact evaluated: functional&reusable.
    PDF | Slides | Project Page | DOI | arXiv

  2. Temporal Tracing of On-chip Signals using Timeprints, by Rehab Massoud, Peter Chini, Prakash Saivasan, Roland Meyer, Hoang M. Le, and Rolf Drechsler.
    In Proceedings of DAC 2019.
    PDF | DOI

  3. BMC for Weak Memory Models: Relation Analysis for Compact SMT Encodings, by Natalia Gavrilenko, Hernan Ponce-de-Leon, Florian Furbach, Keijo Heljanko, and Roland Meyer.
    In Proceedings of CAV 2019. Artifact evaluated positively.
    PDF | Project Page | CAV 2019 | DOI | BibTeX

  4. Liveness in Broadcast Networks, by Peter Chini, Roland Meyer, and Prakash Saivasan.
    In Proceedings of NETYS 2019.

    Best Student Paper Award.
    Conference Version | DOI/BibTex | Full Version @ arXiv

  5. Inductive Counting and the Reachability Problem for Petri Nets , by Peter Chini and Roland Meyer.
    In Carl Adam Petri: Ideas, Personality, Impact, 2019.
    Book | DOI

Journal articles

  1. Fine-Grained Complexity of Program Verification Tasks, by Peter Chini, Roland Meyer, and Prakash Saivasan.
    Parameterized Complexity Newsletter, 2019.