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Publications 2006

Publications 2006

Conference contributions

  1. Model checking data-dependent real-time properties of the European Train Control System, by Johannes Faber and Roland Meyer.
    In Proceedings of FMCAD 2006.
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  2. Model checking duration calculus: A practical approach, by Roland Meyer, Johannes Faber, and Andrey Rybalchenko.
    In Proceedings of ICTAC 2006.
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Journal articles

  1. Trustworthy Software Systems: A Discussion of Basic Concepts and Terminology., by S. Becker, W. Hasselbring, A. Paul, M. Boskovic, H. Koziolek, J. Ploski, A. Dhama, H. Lipskoch, M. Rohr, , S. Giesecke, Roland Meyer, M. Swaminathan, J. Happe, M. Muhle, and T. Warns.
    ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes, 2006.
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Workshop contributions

  1. Model checking the pi-calculus, by Roland Meyer.
    In Proc. of the International Research Training Groups Workshop, 2006.